Granite Countertop

Many households prefer a granite countertop in their kitchens and bathrooms. The inherent robust nature of granite, combined with its striking appearance, make it a timeless investment which is extremely utilitarian as well. 

Granite is composed of many elements, such as quartz, which makes it extremely strong. One set, a granite countertop lasts virtually forever. It remains sturdy, and unbreakable, regardless of what is done on top of it. There is no risk to the countertop from rough use, heat, water, or any other elements. Granites and formed by heat and pressure, and can easily absorb the heat of a cooking pan. In fact, a kitchen knife striking the granite may sooner break than the countertop being inflicted with a scratch. 

Granite countertop require very little maintenance, and may be cleaned easily, with warm water and mild detergent. Sauce, and other liquids that otherwise leave a stain, may easily be wiped away from granite tops. 

A granite countertop makes sense health-wise as well. Granites remain free of bacterial contamination, molds, and mildew, making it the best choice in kitchens. The surface is smooth, without pores, ensuring bacteria and other dirt does not accumulate. 

Granite countertops also deliver a striking appearance. Granite offers a sleek and luminous look, which makes it stand out, compared to other materials. A kitchen with granite countertops always looks elegant and high-end. Granite comes in a choice of many colours, each with attractive grains and patterns, making it possible to select a colour matching the overall theme of the room. The patterns are natural, evolved by nature over time, making such countertops a class of its own.

Considering all the benefits granite countertops offer, it offers very high value for money. Moreover, the value of granite increases over the years, making the countertop an investment that does not depreciate in value.