Electric Bike

An electric bike is also sometimes called an e-bike and is a traditional push bike with an electric motor installed that helps with driving the bike forward. There are many varieties of e-bikes on the market. Some e-bikes simply have a very small motor to help the bike riders pedal propulsion. Others have a more complex motor system and are more comparable to a moped. The key difference however, is that an e-bike is always able to be peddled by the rider. Such bikes are an interesting and can be an exciting solution to many peoples transport needs.


e-bikes have always come in and out of fashion. In fact, it was in 1897 that the first concept electric bike www.whizzyride.com/shop/!/e-Bikes/c/21545313/offset%3D0%26sort%3Dnormal was built, and since then they have always varied in popularity. However, in recent times e-bikes have really taken off, probably due to the advances in battery development which has led to the electric component of the bike becoming more sophisticated. Electric bikes are particularly gaining popularity in europe, in countries such as Germany where they are now taking a significant market share of the bicycle industry. In China, electric bikes are becoming more popular than mopeds and motorcycles particularly in response to the threat of climate change.

The law and e-bikes

There are variance in laws between countries. However, in most countries e-bikes are still classified as push bikes as opposed to being a motorcycle or a moped. They are not usually therefore considered to require more complex laws with regard to their use and manufacture. In some countries, however, e-bikes are now being classified in their own specific category of road vehicle, with new legislation doing into effect.

E-bikes can be an exciting, safe and cost effective solution to your travel needs.