Choose A Frameless Shower Door

Frameless glass shower doors are a popular option for shower installations. With these doors you are not limited to a standard size or mass produced doors. Customized doors for your frameless shower give you more potential for flexibility. However, you should be aware that any changes during the remodelling process could be expensive. 

Frameless shower doors require hardware that is sturdy to hold them in place. Solid brass is usually used to stabilize the thicker glass of these doors. Shower doors without a frame have a fresh look and no eyesore additions, such as metal or rubber covered edges or seals. This look is minimal, almost like a fish tank. Shower tiles with an interesting design will help show it off.

Avoiding mold and a variety of moisture issues can be difficult if the shower pan is not correctly installed. The only hardware you will find is where the shower doors are connected to the shower.

The frameless shower is the easiest to keep clean since areas where water collects and mold may grow are minimized. These doors must be cut perfect in size so that there are no gaps where water can splash onto the bathroom floor. Shower heads should not be aimed at the door but at the opposite wall.

It is essential that all homeowners choose a design that will work for them. It is for these reasons that hiring a professional to do customizing is important. Cleaning these shower doors are the easiest. They simply need to be wiped and squeegeed.

There exists an extremely low percentage of glass shower doors that explode. These spontaneous breakages which shatter into tiny pieces, are two or three per year. Compared to the number of shower door installations this number is very small. The door may be damaged or incorrectly installed, although it is humidity or temperature change that may be the cause of spontaneous breakage.