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A new stadium for Tottenham: July 2013 update

It has been nearly a year since the official Tottenham Hotspur website published an update on the new stadium plans, leaving many fans confused and in the dark on the stadium’s progress. However behind the scenes, there has been reassuring progress and some forms of construction have already begun. It is important to remember, the Emirates Stadium opened in 2006, a full 7 years after the first announcement regarding a new stadium from Arsenal.

For those who have visited White Hart Lane over the past 6 months will have seen the construction begin on the adjoining Sainsbury’s supermarket, as well as the clearing of land to the north of the stadium. Hoardings have surrounded the site, displaying images of the stadium design.


Google Maps

However, as the new stadium will partially take the place of the existing White Hart Lane, fans are asking how they will be effected as the construction progresses.

In an 2008 booklet, Tottenham Hotspur outlined a four stage plan for the construction of the new stadium. Phase 1 will see the new stadium partially built in the land north of White Hart Lane. Phase 2 will see the North Stand taken down out of season and the new stadium’s pitch will be laid.


Phase 3 will see the partially completed new stadium in use for one full season while the remainder of White Hart Lane is completely demolished. Finally, phase 4 will see the new stadium completed out of season for use in the following season.


In 2010, it was reported that Tottenham Hotspur were looking at the possible use of Wembley or a ground-sharing deal with West Ham. Following the Olympic Stadium fall out, the latter seems highly unlikely. However it was recently report that Spurs had enquired to the FA regarding the use of Wembley to avoid the use of an incomplete stadium as seen in phrase 3.

The construction plan is similar to that of Athletic Bilbao’s new stadium, as seen in this image.

Despite the lack of official news, it is clear that work is progressing regarding the new stadium. The folks at discuss the project and share the latest news daily.

You can find the forum thread here.

You can find the 2008 booklet in PDF form here.


18 Responses to A new stadium for Tottenham: The Construction

  1. Seve says:

    There’s no need to be sorry Lucas Andrews. Unless you have a naturally guilty conscience that is.
    The real fact of the matter is that of the last 20-30 years is that Arsenal as a Football club have really left us in their wake. Arsenal considered themselves to have a poor season by their high standards, yet we’ve just had a few of our most successful seasons of recent times and yet still haven’t managed to overtake them on the pitch. We have yet again failed to progress to the CL (last manager got the sack for that) and will have to compete against a resurgent Liverpool next season. To be honest if we don’t make CL this season then I reckon we will have shot our bolt and the talented members of thr squad will be sold off. We desperately need this new stadium to compete. The longer this drags out the further behind we will fall.
    West Ham will be nicely settled into their nice new pad before anything happens at the Lane ! Brady will be leap frogging us to all the best corporates in the city before we know it. Levy has truly messed up with this by trying to be too clever. Jumped up accountant !

  2. [...] has been six months since our last update on the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium. Back then, we reported how it had been almost a year since an [...]

  3. michael says:

    one season we shall be ahead of arsenal, yet we fear it may not be followed by investment to keep us ahead.

  4. lucas andrews says:

    ps spurs ground needs to be bigger than 56,000

  5. Hugh says:

    I just wish that we had the team, the board, the stadium and the fans that Arsenal do. As much as it pains me to say it, the Gunners out-do us on all fronts, they just seem to have more class on and off the pitch and always have. Typically, we capitulated again and surrendered a promising lead to finish the season outside of Champions League again! We’re just a bunch of bottlers, I feel sick…

  6. gingeryid says:

    Also, the Wembley idea should be explored – part of Arsenals problem was that they had to build the new stadium before they could vacate the old and start the development of Highbury – rather than the actual cost, it was the financing of the development that was problemmatic.
    If we moved somewhere for 18 months, the various commercial developments could start at the same time and help finance the stadium – or could be sold to a developer at an earlier stage COYS

  7. gingeryid says:

    If you followed the thread of announcements on the Spurs web site, they were aware of the atmosphere issue and amended the original design to make one end a Kop Like stand – this should give a focal point for the noisy fans, sadly missing at the Emirates! The stadium is also taller with steeper stands (similar to Dortmund stadium in Germany I believe) so the crowd are closer to the pitch. I am about 17500 on the season ticket waiting list, so hope it comes along soon!
    Not sure about the london fan base bit, the trains from Hertfordshire are normally packed!
    As for West Ham fanbase, don’t make me laugh – who places adverts in the Metro for tickets for Man City home game, and gives local schools lots of free tickets – the echo in the Olympic Stadium will be novel!

  8. Jamesn says:

    No Spurs have the largest fan base in London, Arsenal might have more fans nation wide but Spurs have the largest fan base of people who actually live in London.

    • COYS says:

      Really, got any evidence to back that up?
      Did you know the fact that 90% of what football fans say is just uninformed opinions

  9. Graham says:

    This may be some way off yet but how are the club going to ensure that the new SPURS stadium does not end up like a many of the new grounds with no atmosphere on match days. One of the many complaints from Arsenal fans apart from the pricing is that the new Emirates stadium has even less atmosphere than the Highbury ( now that is saying something ) their old North Bank has been scattered around the new ground and there no focal point to create the atmosphere.

  10. Slc says:

    I think the stadium plans are excellent and the capacity is about right, as for the above 2 comments, perhaps they need to wake up a bit, Spurs have a large fan base, and I’m sure the powers that be have future proofed the plans so the Stadium can be be easily expanded,

  11. JerryBear says:

    I agree with the above comments. Ticket pricing is going to become more critical over time. Spurs will sorely regret a 56,000 seat stadium as it will severely limit their pricing strategies. They have the demand for a 60-70,000 stadium and will almost certainly regret not having that flexibility to support an increasingly uncertain economic future for London & the UK. Cheaper tickets = more revenue. Pure & simple.

  12. Nural Islam says:

    I cannot understand why we a planning to build anything below 65000 capacity. It’s not just about having a better capacity than arsenal but we have the demand to fill the stadium, god know the numbers waiting on the season tickets list. Come on spurs sort it out.

  13. alfred burns says:

    why is the new stadium only gonna be 56 000 when we are have largest fan based in london which arsenal gets 60 000. we should be looking at 66 000 til 70 000 seats . if u go with 56 000 theres no way of getting match tickets to see a game and will be paying over the odds to get a ticket

    • Seve says:

      Spurs really don’t have the largest fan base in London. I hate to say it but it really is Arsenal that has that, followed by us, and then the hammers who I can assure your are very closely behind us !

      • lucas andrews says:

        sorry you don’t know what you’re talking about mate, arsenal used to struggle to fill their ground, spurs used to be packed fact.

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